Lunch & Light Meals

Recipe Guides

Open steak sandwich
367 calories
Marinated chicken rice paper rolls
253 calories
DETOX Spinach, pea and mint frittata
341 calories
Beef, spinach and pumpkin salad
225 calories
Spicy lamb burger with tzatziki
304 calories
TWD2_Rosemary lamb with olive and feta salad
305 calories
Chicken, tomato and zucchini pizza
477 calories
Lamb shank soup with gremolata
270 calories
TWD2_Salmon fishcakes with red capsicum & basil salad
447 calories
Lemon and chilli chicken skewers
130 calories
TWD2_Barbecued lamb and vegetable wrap with pesto
538 calories
Chicken caesar salad
368 calories
Pork and ginger patties with noodle salad
242 calories
Poached chicken salad with corn and almonds
556 calories
Corn fritters with smoked salmon and spinach
398 calories
Sweet corn and crab soup
175 calories
CD Roast vegetable frittata
335 calories
Thai beef salad
214 calories
Oriental chicken soup
160 calories
Tandoori chicken salad
255 calories
Warm salad of Moroccan lamb with roasted tomatoes
269 calories
Pumpkin and spinach frittata
419 calories
Minestrone with meatballs
251 calories
Taco beef potato jackets
281 calories
TWD2_White beans with spring onions & fresh herbs
119 calories
Thai pork and noodle salad
244 calories
Spiced red lentil and vegetable soup
210 calories
266 calories
306 calories
Tomatoes vine
326 calories
CD Spiced vegetable soup
69 calories