Low GI Favourites

Recipe Guides

Baked rack of lamb with baby vegetable
713 calories
TWD2_Poached pears
291 calories
TWD2_Almond jelly with orange segment
147 calories
Fennel-crusted pork fillet with parsnip and baked apple
502 calories
TWD2_buttermilk pudding
162 calories
TWD2_Bircher muesli
307 calories
436 calories
Corn fritters with smoked salmon and spinach
398 calories
Beef vindaloo
503 calories
TWD2_White beans with spring onions & fresh herbs
119 calories
Spiced red lentil and vegetable soup
210 calories
Seeded mustard rack of veal with roasted vegetables
636 calories
Open steak sandwich
367 calories
Chicken, tomato and zucchini pizza
477 calories
TWD1_Fresh fruit salad
103 calories
Italian lamb casserole
470 calories
Healthy Pasta Bake_s
629 calories
266 calories
TWD2_Baked pineapple
98 calories
Thai pork and noodle salad
244 calories
TWD2_French toast
233 calories
TWD1_Stirfried baby corn with snow peas
105 calories
TWD1_Banana smoothie_Square
248 calories
chargrilled pesto chicken with tabouleh
516 calories
628 calories